3 Signs Your Tires Need Some Attention

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3 Signs Your Tires Need Some Attention

12 October 2018
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Your tires are an important and integral part of your car. If your tires are not in good shape, it can affect your entire vehicle. Tires that are low, have worn out tread, or are worn on one side or the other, can all affect the way your car functions. Read on for some signs that your tires need attention.

Poor Gas Mileage

If your tires are low, it can affect your gas mileage. If you notice your gas is going much faster than it normally does, it may be your tires. Take your tire gauge and test all four of your tires for proper air pressure. If you aren't sure what the pressure should be, look at the tire itself, inside your driver's side door, or at your owner's manual. You should be able to find this information in all of these areas, or you can look on-line at the manufacturer's website. Add air to your tires yourself, or take it to a tire shop to have your tires filled and balanced.

Noise While Driving

Your car may make noise from time to time, but if you hear it while driving down the road, pull over and look at your tires. If they are too low or flat, you'll hear it while you drive. You may even feel it while driving. If your tire is flat, it could be a number of things such as a broken belt, or something sharp in the tire, such as a nail or screw. If the tire has something in it, it may be able to be patched. A tire with a broken belt should be replaced with a new tire.

Worn Out Tread

If you don't have any tread on your tires, it's going to affect how your car handles the road and weather such as snow and rain. If your tire tread is worn out, it's best to invest in new tires. If the tread is too worn, even rotating your tires is not going to help. If you aren't sure if your tread is still in good shape, take a penny and put Lincoln's head down into the tread. If you can see his head, you need new tires.

Your tires are essential to your car. If they aren't in good shape, it's going to affect your car's ability to handle the road and the elements. If you aren't sure if your car's tires are in good shape, take your car to a tire shop to have them inspected. Companies like Foster's Auto Service Inc can help.

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