Doing Good By Donating Your Vehicle To Charity

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Doing Good By Donating Your Vehicle To Charity

24 February 2022
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Donating your vehicle to a charity can be a productive way of disposing of your old car. While this can be a useful tool for charities to raise money, individuals can make a few common assumptions about this process that may leave them uncertain as to what they should expect if they choose to donate their vehicle.

Assumption: You Can Only Donate A Used Car If It Is In Running Condition

A particularly common assumption is that a charity will only be able to make use of your donated vehicle if it is in running condition. However, this is not the case given that there are a number of ways that a junk car can still be valuable. For example, these vehicles can be sold for scrap metal and parts. Additionally, there are some manufacturers that will have auto buyback programs that a charity may be able to utilize. Due to these options, individuals that need to dispose of a junk car may be able to free themselves of this vehicle while also helping a local charity.

Assumption: There Are No Benefits For Donating Your Old Car

While a person may see the benefits that donating their car to a charity may provide to the organization, they may have concerns as to the benefit that it will provide them. While the sense of satisfaction at knowing you helped a charity can be an invaluable feeling, there are practical benefits that donating your vehicle may provide. For example, there are tax benefits that can be enjoyed by those that have made this type of donation to a charity. If you are planning to take advantage of this type of tax benefit, the documentation from donating your vehicle should be retained as proof.

Assumption: You Can Donate Your Used Car To Any Charity Organization

Donating your vehicle can be an excellent way of helping a charity to raise money, but you should appreciate the reality that many charities may not be equipped to accommodate donated vehicles. If you are wanting to donate your vehicle, it can be worth the time to call the local charities that you are considering to determine whether they have a program to accept vehicle donations. In some cases, the charity may even be able to provide pickup and towing of the vehicle if it is not in working condition. While this may take a little time, it can help you to avoid complications, unexpected expenses and ensure the vehicle is going to a charity that has the capacity to capitalize on its value.

If you need more info, reach out to local charity organizations. 

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