5 Special Features To Look For In A Heavy-Duty Truck

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5 Special Features To Look For In A Heavy-Duty Truck

8 June 2021
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If you like to use your truck to do real work, such as pulling other vehicles out of the mud, driving off-road when you go hunting, pulling your boat, and carrying heavy loads of bricks around, you need a heavy-duty truck that was built for the tough stuff. With a heavy-duty truck, there are some special features you are going to want to look for.

1. Integrated Winch

When you do tough work, sometimes you need to pull other vehicles and things out of tough jambs. To do that, you need a winch. Instead of mounting the winch to the truck every time you need it, look for a truck with an integrated electric winch mounted behind the bumper.

By mounting behind the bumper, the winch will not interfere with airflow and aerodynamics when you are driving. In addition, you will have the clearance you need for off-roading while having a winch that you can easily access and control when you need to get someone or something out of a jamb.

2. Special Off-Road Driving Modes

Driving modes such as economy mode are great when you are commuting on the highway. However, with a heavy-duty truck, you need special driving modes that are made to fit your lifestyle.

You will want to look for a truck that has a special cruise control mode that is made for off-roading. The name for this system varies, but it is often called something like Trail Control or similar, where you get to use cruise control designed for low-speed situations where you are navigating trick terrain.

You will also want to look for a driving mode called Rock Crawl, or something similar, that is designed to help keep your vehicle properly calibrated when you are driving through the challenging terrain you can encounter when off-roading.

Look for a truck with driving modes that are specifically designed to accommodate off-road driving beyond your basic four-wheel-drive mode.

3. Extended Vent Axle Tubes

When you drive off-road, sometimes you have to drive through a creek or make it through pond-like puddles or small rivers. When you encounter that water, you don't want to worry about your engine getting flooded, which is why you are going to want to look for a heavy-duty truck with extended vent axle tubes, so you can go deep in the water without worrying about killing your truck's engine and getting stuck.

4. Large Tire Support

You want a truck that you don't have to modify in order to put large tires on it; you want a truck that is designed for large tires and already has a good lift and approach angles to start with. When you do rough off-road driving, you will want to equip your truck with large traction tires, and having a truck that makes that easy to do is essential.

5. Big Towing & Hauling Capabilities

Finally, pay attention to the towing capabilities and what type of payload the truck can handle on its own. You want a truck that will allow you to easily pull or haul whatever you want, whenever you want, without modifying the vehicle.

If you want to get rough with your truck, you need a truck that will allow you to get rough while keeping you safe. Look for a heavy-duty truck with an integrated winch, big towing and hauling capabilities, extended vent axle tubes, special driving modes customized for off-road driving, and the capability to support large tires naturally.

For more information about heavy-duty work trucks, like an F250, contact a local dealer.

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