Top 5 Import Classics For Unique Compact Sports Car Restorations

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Top 5 Import Classics For Unique Compact Sports Car Restorations

26 July 2017
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Almost every car show is full of muscle cars and other big V8 sedans, coupes and other antique cars. To do something different, you want something that few people have and that will attract attention at an auto show. Compact classics such as, the Mitsubishi GTO, Toyota Celica or Honda Accord are cars that can be fun restoration projects that you see few of at car shows. The top 5 compact classics to consider for your restoration project include:

  • Mitsubishi Galant GTO—was a Japanese sports car that had a compact design. This is a car that was not imported to North American markets, but has been imported by automobile enthusiasts. It is available through auctions or private collectors, so you can expect to pay a lot if you want to restore one of these cars.
  • Datsun 240Z—is a Japanese import that became popular in North American markets. The 1970 240Z was powered by an inline-6-cylinder engine that gave this compact sports car 150 hp. It one of the imports that you see more of, so it will be more affordable and easier to find parts for than other import cars.   
  • Volkswagen Karman Ghia—is one of the most recognizable imports, as well as one of the first to hit the North American auto markets. Today, these cars are rare and difficult to find in pristine condition. The Karman Ghia was manufactured from 1955 to 1975. If you can find an early-model Karman Gia, it is the best because of the stylish body design. Early-models are often difficult to find, but will be more valuable when restored.
  • Fiat Spider—is another European import that became popular in North American markets. The Fiat Spider is a compact car built with a structural skin, which means it has no frame, but rather the body supports the engine and other components. It is a smaller 2-seat sports car with small 4-cylinder engines; the 2.0-liter model has the most horsepower.
  • Toyota Celica GT and Supra—are Japanese import cars that were available in North American markets from 1971 to 2006. With all the generations to choose from, spanning over 4 decades, there are some year models that are better. The best classic Celica models are the early 70s and mid-80s model years. The Toyota Celica GT and Supra are performance models that were available.

If you want to do something different for auto restoration projects, these import classics are a good place to get started. Once you have found your car, contact an auto collision repair service, like Collisions Plus Performance, to help with repairs bodywork and paint that you need to have done. 

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