Tips For Selling A Junk Car If You Don't Have The Title

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Tips For Selling A Junk Car If You Don't Have The Title

29 May 2017
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The title for a car is something that states unique details about the vehicle and is designed to prove ownership of the vehicle. If you have an old car that has been parked in your yard for years, there is a good chance you might not have a clue where the title to that car is. If you want to finally sell the car for cash, you may wonder if this is even possible without a title. Here are several things to know if you are in this position.

Some Junk Car Buyers Do Not Need The Title

While there are junk car buyers that require titles for all junk car purchases, there are others that do not. The main reason a junk car buyer wants the title is to make sure you really own the car and are not trying to sell a car you stole from someone else. If you don't have the title, simply because this car has been parked for years, you may be able to locate a buyer that won't require it.

You Might Be Able To Show Ownership In A Different Way

When a company will buy your car without a title, there is a good chance they will want to see some type of proof that you own the car, and the easiest way to prove this is by showing them the vehicle registration. This is a form that you get when you purchase license plates for a car, and most people will throw this form in the glove box of the vehicle. A vehicle registration form is something that should always be kept in a vehicle, because it is needed if you get pulled over.

If you look in the car's glove box, you might find the registration there, and you could give this to the junk car buyer to prove that the car is in your name. While there is a chance you could have sold the car to someone else after the date of the registration, there is a very low risk that this is the case if you still have the car in your possession. This is why using the vehicle registration is often a good way to prove ownership.

You Could Request A Replacement Title

The only other option you have is to request a replacement title for the car, but this can take weeks or months to get. If you are not in a hurry, this might be a good route to take if you have no other way of proving you own the car.

Companies that pay cash for junk cars will buy any type of vehicle you have, and it doesn't matter what the condition is. If you would like to sell your junk car, call a buyer today. 

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