Top 3 Signs That Your Car's Suspension Is Damaged

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Top 3 Signs That Your Car's Suspension Is Damaged

9 April 2017
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Do you own your own vehicle? Do you know how to tell if there is a problem with your suspension? Although suspension issues aren't always as obvious and easy to discover as a transmission that needs to be repaired, a damaged suspension can still be a serious problem. Having suspension problems could lead to a host of other car troubles, such as a potentially expensive broken axle. As a result, it's important to have your suspension checked out if you think that there might be a problem. Some things that you should be watching out for include:

Bumpy rides: The job of a vehicle's suspension is mainly to smooth out bumpy rides so that a given road feels flatter than it actually is. Although it's normal to feel larger bumps, suspension repair is indicated when it seems like you can feel all of them. You should barely notice when you turn off an asphalt road and into a driveway since the suspension should be smoothing out the ride. But if you can feel the exact moment when the tires transition from asphalt to concrete and the turn results in a jolt or two rather than a couple of bounces, then it's time to bring your vehicle in to be checked out.

Steering issues: If you're having a hard time turning the steering wheel, your first thought may be that the power steering is going out. Although you might be able to temporarily do without that, it's possible that the true issue lies in a problem with the suspension. Continuing to drive with a damaged suspension, while thinking that the issue is with the power steering, could result in even more costly damage. You should at least take your vehicle in to find out whether the issue is, indeed, with your power steering or if suspension repair is indicated.

Lopsided car: Sometimes, the suspension on just one side or even just one tire goes out before the others do. While it can happen for no reason, it can be especially prone to happening after a bad turn where one or two tires run up over the curb. If this is the last straw for your suspension, you will wind up with a lopsided car where one or two wheels are lower than the remainder of the vehicle. Unlike some other suspension issues, this one is a lot less subjective and is a definite indication that you need suspension repair.

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